In their fifth form year, girls at St Anne’s College commit to STEPP on a weekly basis. The dedication to STEPP
embodies social enterprise on several levels.

The girls:

  • Learn the fundamentals of creating and managing a social enterprise
  • Volunteer their time to helping others
  • Learn more about who they are in South Africa and what we can achieve when we partner together

The expectation of each volunteer is to:

  • Spend one hour a week working in, or for, a partnership programme
  • Generate funds to sustain that partnership
  • Raise awareness of what it means to be socially responsible
  • Learn about social responsibility at a College, national and international level
  • Advocate and raise funds for at least five other institutions in our country
  • Be involved with the management and administration of a community partnership
  • Monitor and evaluate their impact educationally in each partnership

This year saw the advent of the Youth Day Fête: a day organised by the youth, to raise funds for education of the youth,
in a manner that can be enjoyed by all youth. On June 16th the Form Five girls each ran a stall offering services or
goods to the public. Each stall had to present a business plan that proved its profitability and its focus on the youth. The
fête raised R22 000.00 after costs and was hugely successful in providing good, clean fun and games in an inviting

The leaders of the House partnerships present for a minute on social responsibility to the College assembly every week.
Their position requires that they understand how to share resources and opportunities respectfully and to integrate
into surrounding community organisations. Their integration needs to result in a meaningful impact that supports the
organisation’s aims within its cultural context.

Annually, the partnerships are evaluated and the girls’ impact is monitored to ensure that the time, effort, skills and
finances are invested to the benefit of the partner organisation.







Community Responsibility


Confidence in mathematical sums through encouragement



“Encouragement, love and a stimulating hope for the future
- this in essence is what I believe has allowed the children
to respond more eagerly and aid their learning”.
[Volunteer quote]



A launching pad to a stronger desire to know more and
learn more and fulfill the need and desire for better
education in the area and in South Africa



“In the beginning of the year it was not as easy to
communicate with the children. Now, because their
English-speaking skills have improved to a large extent, it
has become easier”. [Volunteer quote]

Community Responsibility

Community response

Children choosing to come to sessions after school


Social transformation

Girl’s relationship with the pre-school learners; genuine
bonds are formed



Girls are working with 2 or 3 children at a time so each
child can be helped with his/her difficulties


Resourcing the

Grade 8 St Anne’s College pupils create ECD puzzles in
their Design and Technology classes. The puzzles are
focused on colours and number matching.



Grade 9 St Anne’s College pupils create Abaci for Maths
Literacy in their Design and Technology classes. The abaci
are used to teach the concrete concepts of Maths for
foundational mathematical literacy



Grade 11 St Anne’s College pupils create sequencing,
dot-to-dot, tracing, Maths, cross-over and many other ECD
exercise worksheets in their computer lessons, which are
used in the ECD partnerships.



Grade 9 St Anne’s College pupils tour to a social enterprise
that is internationally successful. The tour focuses on: the
skills of the enterprise [art]; the business of the enterprise
[social]; the community programme developed in the
enterprise [funding families of past employees] and learn
that a business that is socially focused can generate
revenue and develop jobs and skills.