Making Libraries

making libraries 3

The second library sourced through Richard and Tessa Carss has been half-filled during the course of this year. The
Head of English at Umthoqotho High School, Mr Sibusiso Sibisi has attended training in librarianship and appears to be
passionate about the project. STEPP will continue to fill the library as it begins to be used by the school, with the help of
the girls and staff of the College and the wider Hilton community.

Our thanks go to Laddsworth School for their generous donation of books from their library. These books were catalogued
and placed in the library that was established at Nogqaza School in Howick. The success of this library has enabled not
only the children of the school to have access to books, but also the neighbouring school. The books in the library range
from pre-school readers to reference books, which also makes the library a rich resource for teachers at both schools.
STEPP went on to introduce the Edutainers to a school in Lydenburg this year. It is very likely that the pre-school, started
and run by Allison Botha, will have three classrooms during the year of 2013 as a result of this introduction and hopefully
a library too. 






Establishing Libraries

Nogqaza Library Use

Time-tabled lessons in the school programme for every



Teacher fully qualified as a librarian and passionate about
maintaining and using the library



Ongoing relationship with STEPP with the continued
donation of books for the library and inter-school events


Umthoqotho High School

Head of Languages has volunteered to take responsibility
for the library



Mr Sibisi attended the librarian course offered by the
Government Public Library programme in May of this year



At least half of the library is filled with books donated from